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Midlothian District 143 acknowledges the individual differences in the intellectual, social-emotional, and physical development of children. We fully believe every child can learn and that they have the right to access public education. We also understand that some children may need additional support to move forward with learning successfully. We provide specialized services and instruction necessary to assure a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). All services are determined by a multi-disciplinary IEP team, which always includes parents/guardians. This team evaluates the student, develops, delivers, and assesses their program to best meet their individual learning style.

Special education services at District 143 are offered to qualified students from Pre-K through 8th grade. Our continuum of services includes a wide range of programming and services that maximize opportunities for inclusion in the general education environment, offering services in the least restrictive environment (LRE) for that child. Additionally, students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities offered in our district.

Our general education students receive differentiated instruction and accommodations through our Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). School-based teams meet to discuss specific student progress and the need for possible interventions. Students are identified for differentiated support by benchmark data, teacher referral, or parent referral. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s education or feel your child may have learning issues that impede their progress, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Please do not hesitate to call if there is anything you would like to discuss about your child. I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your children!


Casey Anderson

Director of Student Services

Student Services Staff

Katie Diez- Assistant Director of Student Services

Email Address: kdiez@msd143.biz

Patricia Lopez- Student Services Secretary

Email Address: plopez@msd143.biz